Our Story

Much like a bonfire needs a few core elements to ignite, Bonfire was borne out of the combination of three core passions: filmmaking, helping people & communication.  

With a view to make fun, effective and engaging videos, these ingredients put us in a natural position to create content that delivers. We call it creative visual storytelling.

our cores


Lot’s of nice lovely copy about how you have been filmmaking for 15 years, with the best possible equipment enabling you to create any brief no matter how technically complex it may be.

Of course, we very much believe in having fun with the work we do, so if there are ways that we can add something different to cut through all the bland videos on social media or go a little offpiste with the vision (whilst of course remaining on brand and professional) then we’re always onboard for getting creative.


With every project, we want to help people achieve their goals.  By working with you to develop an initial idea from the first brief or concept, through to a well-conceived, planned out and logistically viable project.
Rather than simply being someone that just turns up with a camera, we go to great lengths to ensure we explicitly understand the business needs of your video and how to measure success, so that we always have a clear goal guiding us through every step.


Communication is ultimately what underpins everything we do.  It’s all very well having a visually stunning clip, with the most thoroughly developed storyboard, but if it’s not what your audience is looking for, it’s all somewhat redundant.  

Clearly defining your demographic; understanding what they’re looking for and where they’re looking for it; what content and messaging will resonate with them; and most of all, what value they will be taking from your clips, are all key to ensuring that the videos perform for you.

If these fundamentals are set, there is nothing that can’t be captured, brought to life and developed into a video project that ultimately adds value to your business.

A message from mike

I’ve always had a passion for filmmaking.  From my very first dabble with video in the late nineties; chopping up “The Blues Brothers” and adding my own music, I loved the ability to evoke moods, feelings, and emotions in the viewer.  It’s awesome! It really is a true passion of mine and if I had a pound for every time I’ve heard “I knew you’d end up in video” or “you always loved creating videos” over the last 20 years or so, I’d certainly be able to have a decent holiday.

It’s just me in the business at the moment, but I’m building a stellar team of equally passionate, enthusiastic and experienced contractors around me to help continue to meet the growing needs of my clients.  

In 2018, 6 months after Bonfire Video Ltd. officially launched, we took on permanent studios in Guildford and made it our home, again to improve our offering and give clients who were perhaps constrained by space, the freedom to get a bit more creative.

Between our approach to our projects and the dynamic that I’m very proud to have with our awesome clients; I feel Bonfire is in an enviable position of being truly agile, flexible and innovative with our client’s requirements, whilst still having the expertise, experience and approach to be able to deliver on our projects, to the deadline, to the brief and to the budget.

Ultimately, telling a story of any complexity in a way that engages the audience and gets them immersed in what they’re watching is what I love to do.  


define by our clients

Showcase promotional videos contributing to a return on investment in excess of 15,000% in just 6 months.

Short content marketing clips which with one view alone engaged a £200,000 prospect

Kickstarter explainers that were 2/3 funded in a little over 48 hours.

Social media content with over 100,000 interactions

Live event coverage to near eliminate the dropout rate & subsequent missed delivery of content to attendees



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