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creativity comes to life

Bonfire’s home; in a recently refitted studio in the heart of Guildford, provides us with the enviable ability to offer our clients a unique and inviting space to let their imagination come to life and create truly spectacular video content. Working from a sound-treated and windowless building; we can fully control the environment that we shoot in to ensure what we captured is exactly as it was intended.

Something about the tech and equipment side of things.  The best state of the art equipment to capture you in 4K and UHD. Also about editing suite. You just want to show off about your gear because it’s very impressive.

With ample parking facilities around the studio and being a short walk from Guildford railway station, we are well located for all means of travel meaning you and your team can relax and enjoy the process. A fully stocked fridge is always the order of the day at our studio and a ‘bean to cup’ coffee machine is on hand to keep brains firing on all cylinders and the fresh ideas coming

the sets

breakfast tv set

Our ‘breakfast TV’ space is geared towards our content marketing offerings, such as interview pieces or discussions around products and industry trends in a laid back, informal environment. Of course, the on-screen details and miseen-scène can be adapted to suit your needs.

blank canvas set 

Our purpose-built infinity cove provides a clean, blank canvas to capture more stylised visuals, product demos, and tutorials, or to allow clear on-screen visuals to be added in post-production - enhancing your speaker’s message.

If neither of these sets suit your needs and you quite literally want to let the paint fly (seriously, we’ve thrown paint around before), we can make that happen.  

Don’t allow the physical space around you to stifle your message and creativity. We have the space and resources to make sets that truly bring your vision to life; be it an interactive garden for tutorials and training clips, a fully destructible house as a powerful visual metaphor, or an elevated stage rigged with pyrotechnics for product demonstrations - Bonfire can make it happen.


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