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Content Marketing

People don't buy what others want to sell; they buy what others want to buy.

A client will spend around 7 hours consuming your content & researching your product before you even know who they are.

As such, ensuring there is regular, consistent and most importantly valuable content available for your unknown clients to consume is key to ensuring your businesses visibility & profile within your industry.

These clips can take many forms, from talking head shots offering easy to implement tips & guidance to the viewer, through to full discussions of industry trends & innovations with several people involved. Furthermore, the style & tone can be tailored to resonate with your target viewer to assist in getting the maximum ROI.

Event Coverage & Streaming

Getting all of your target delegates to attend an event is a hard task and very seldom can everyone make a date.

By capturing the events and presentations, you can ensure that any delegates that couldn't attend, will not miss out on your content by sharing it with them, either live by streaming, or after as a part of a follow up campaign.

Additionally, not only will your message be seen by your desired delegates, but they can further share your content within their business and amongst their partners, potentially giving you even further than reach than with your event alone.

A summarising, promotional video can also be created, to help promote future events to delegates, speakers & suppliers.

Case Studies & Testimonials

There is no better way to demonstrate the impact your product or service can make to a business than by having your clients tell your prospects about the impacts it has had within their own enterprises.

Be it a collection of talking head testimonials, or a client specific case study specifically showcasing every feature and benefit that they get from your business, the impact these clips can have is huge and will deliver for a long time after their launch.

Whether you are looking to generate leads from unknown visitors to your website or looking to leverage the proof of your existing clients successes to a prospective client, case studies & testimonials are a sure way to improve the sales process within your business.

Explainer & Promotional

Having a clear & concise video to explain to your audience exactly what it is that your business does, who you do it for and the key challenges that you solve, is crucial in the modern world where you can dismiss content with a swipe of your thumb.

Typically functioning as the key component of a website, there are additional SEO benefits to having video on your landing page.

When creating a promotional clip for your business, the absolute control & precision with which the narrative is crafted means that there will never be any confusing or irrelevant messages. Essentially, it is your chance to create the perfect elevator pitch for your business.

Don’t Like Pineapple on Your Pizza?

If you're looking for something different & a little more bespoke, let's talk!

Staff training, product demonstrations, "how to" instructionals, internal communications, meet the team, behind the scenes, the list goes on. Bonfire have worked on a wide variety of projects for our client, so have the experience, knowledge &understanding to deliver for your business.

There are endless opportunities for you to use video to benefit your business and we love new ideas and challenges, so let's see what we can develop for your business.

To find out more about any of our services, or to book a viewing of our studio space, please get in touch with us. We look forward to welcoming you!